Opening of a Dream

About this site and tribute

This shrine was made as a part of the Girl Mode Shrine Marathon on Amassment. To be completely honest, if it was not for the marathon, I probably would never have made this shrine. I tend to lean toward mecha boys more than girls (because sadly the genre is typically better at providing us with good males than good females), so I never imagined I'd ever shrine Rei. When the marathon came around though, and I tried to think of who I could shrine, Rei instantly popped up in my head. I've always liked her, even if she may not be my number one.

I'm really glad I did make this though, because Rei is a really intriguing character, and I do really like her. My main purpose of this site is to make another dedication out there to a female lead in a shounen anime/manga, which unfortunately lacks compared to other genres. What I like about Rei is her serious personality and how she does not like to show off. She does what she does because it's her responsibility, or because it has to be done. She doesn't waste words and she's not one for pretense.

If you noticed something particular about all the pages, it's because all of the page headings are titles of the tracks from the OST and S² albums. I went the non-original route specifically to give the site a unifying theme, and to give me an excuse to use the track titles somewhere, because I love all the phrases and meaning behind them. /eva nerd

Layout credits

I made this layout from a manga scan that was colored by me in SAI, but I ended up draining most of the color out, so I have no idea why I spent so many hours coloring it. This layout was actually the second attempt; the first layout was also made using the same method of coloring a manga scan in SAI. Since I spent some good hours coloring the first version image, I ended up using it on this verion (the framed Rei on the right). I was going for a lonely look. I'm not sure if that really shows, but I do like the end results.

This layout was made in Photoshop CS2 and coded with CuteHTML using resources from Velvet Factory, horizonroad, and Genesbuffet. The original manga scans were taken from Minitokyo.

Buttons and Linking

In a bit of a rush, but I will go and make a list of related sites soon. In the meantime, if you would like to affiliate your Evangelion-related shrine to this site, feel free to email me about it. If you want to use buttons to link back to, please use one of the following buttons, but please do not direct link the images.

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