Borderline Case

Rei, Beyond the Heart

Despite being the most popular character from Shin Seiki Evangelion (from magazine polls in Japan) and a major mascot of the series, Rei's not just a face. Her character is tied to almost every secret within the series. An initial look reveals only one side of her, and with re-examination, new facts about her can arise.

One reason why I love Shin Seiki Evangelion so much is how the series does not get old. If you only watch the anime once, you're missing out on a lot. Things characters say have one meaning when you hear it for the first time, but also can have a second or even third meaning when you rewatch the series. Rei is one of those characters. Things she say can mean the obvious, but can also give us a look into her heart and how she thinks. Below are aspects of Rei's character that I think are not as obvious, and are realized through careful thinking about who she really is.

Appearance; the significance of her image
Name; an individual identification
Soul; the qualifications of being human