In the Depths of Human Hearts

The First Children

Rei is iconic in the Evangelion anime series. She's featured in countless art book pages and wall spreads, and she was the subject of the first "Raising Project" game. Even though she's such a popular anime girl, she's really messed up inside. If you're unfamiliar with the series, you might look at images of her and think of the shy girl next door, but like all the characters in Shin Seiki Evangelion, Rei comes with her own set of inner problems and faults.

Below are aspects of Rei's character I think are key. As she is a very mysterious character in the series, laying her character details right out kind of takes away that mystique, so I'll be attempting to show you what kind of person Rei is through these significant points.

Origins; birth of her existence
Pilot; the first candidate for the evangelion
Doll; her personality range
Dummy Plug System; no longer in need of a pilot
Rebirth; a replaceable child