Happiness is the smell of Sin

Welcome! You've arrived at Revenant, a shrine to the enigmatic pilot of Evangelion Unit 00, Ayanami Rei, from Gainax's ultimate masterpiece, Shin Seiki Evangelion or Neon Genesis Evangelion. From being the poster girl of Evangelion to the masochistic First Children who has little regards for her own body, Rei can be viewed as a character of many layers, depending on where you slice. And while I typically identify more with male characters from series (especially mecha anime), Rei has always captured a part of my heart. She is neither overly feminine nor a tom boy, but it is how she carries herself that distinguishes her from just another quiet pretty face.

Though Evangelion is a pretty old series, I know not everyone is familiar with it. So if you have not watched the anime or read the manga, be warned there are spoilers on this tribute. Most of the focus on this site will be toward Rei in the original anime, her other versions may be mentioned where needed, with the Sadamoto Yoshiyuki version manga most likely.

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